Harvest is a few weeks away! We can tell by staging the crops.

Some more learning on the scouting front, coming up!

But first gotta get something in the crock pot for supper… Here’s a little trick I learned…


Put the slow cocker outside! Then it doesn’t heat up the house. Boom. Summer time cooking – TRANSFORMED.

Out to the field we went to stage the crops.

Here’s the canola.


The pods are still green.


When they turn 30-60% black on the seed then you can harvest. These fields will be swathed but we won’t start that for another couple of weeks. When it’s swathed, it dies and dries. It will lay for more than two weeks and then be combined. (More on swathing later!)

The field is slowly turning from green to yellow.


You can see some slight colour change within this crop.

Next, to the barley. With barley and wheat you can stage it by the kernel.


It’s described as different stages of dough… like baking dough! I’ll try to describe it as best as possible!

It starts at milky dough, which means the kernel is white and juicy.


See, there’s remnants of “dough” on his fingers and the kernel doesn’t have a distinct shape it’s “juicy”.

– Soft dough. The kernel is soft and able to squeeze easily.
– Mid dough. It’s harder than the soft dough stage.
– Hard dough. You can still squish the kernel out of the cap but it’s hard and stays together.
– Dent. This is when a finger indent stays on the kernel.

The last stage is when you can’t put your finger indent on the kernel anymore. Then you know it’s time to harvest!

Some of the crops are lodged.


It’s a little hard to notice in the barley here, but some of the crop is laying down in the distance. This is because the heads are too heavy and the stalks can’t hold them up. This could possibly be fixed by putting less fertilizer in the soil. The roots weren’t big enough to make the stems big enough to hold the bigger heads. It’s because of how much rain we got this year. The crop grew too much too fast and cant hold it self up in when big rains hit the field. Not much you can do about it now.

Here in the wheat you can see a better example of lodging.


It kinda stinks to find this. It’s harder to combine in the fall when it’s not standing upright.

The wheat is looking good though, but not ready to harvest for a while.


Now to get home and check on the crock pot outside!

The slow cooker beef and cheese pasta looked so good on the recipe I wanted to see how it turned out!


Edward described it as “a good old favourite!” (Even though this was the first time I made it… 🙂
I added about a cup of milk half an hour before serving to make it creamier and also added fresh basil and parsley for more flavour!

I have been wanting to try using lentils for a long time. Why not support our pulse producers in the province!


Tried a lentil salad. It was kind of blah… I know! It looks SO colourful. I was surprised too… not sure how I would doctor it up. Maybe balsamic vinegar? Sure packed with healthiness though!


In the evening I tried making another lunchable snack… I thought I was making something like homemade fruit leather, but indeed was making homemade gummies.


Not exactly what I had in mind… but healthy and tasty! Good for maybe a toddler…. Edward and I aren’t too excited about them. Not sure what I’ll try to do with them!

2 thoughts on “Staging

  1. I find it a fun challenge to turn less desirable tasting experiments into something delicious and equally nutitious (however sometimes adding sugar is the only answer!) Your “fruit leather” is such a beautiful dark color and loaded with too many good ingredients not to use them in something! Perhaps you can try freezing them and adding to smoothies when you need flavor and more color.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! That’s a great idea! They could be used in a smoothie as nutritious ice cubes maybe…
      I used some of them cut up as “raisins” in super health packed “fuel to go muffins.” Recipe to come!


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